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Rockdale County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Terry Oatts’ charge was for the leadership development academy to be redesigned. The academy was to be for aspiring and current school leaders that would benefit all students in Rockdale County. It was to be sustainable and embedded in the district culture, but mindful of resources needed for sustainability. The academy was to align with the RCPS Strategic Plan.

•         Standard 1, Performance Object C: Develop World-Class Employees

o   Initiative 2: Increase Leadership Capacity and Development Opportunities

o   Initiative 3: Implement a Succession Plan

The essential questions in building the framework were:

  Why are we doing this/saying this or placing this into print as it relates to leadership development?

  What does this accomplish for our purpose of “Our Core Mission: Student Success?”

  Will this have legacy value and sustainability?

The profiles of a high-performing Rockdale County School administers was one that aligned to the LAPS part of LKES. The profile was a research-based crosswalk using Professional Standards for Education Leaders (formerly ISLLC Standards), Marzano’s School Leadership that Works, GEL Standards for Georgia, GLISI’s 8 Roles of School Leaders, SREB’s Critical Success Factors, SACS/AdvancED, and

360° component.


The “Rockdale Way” is defined by our five core values/pillars for R.E.A.L.:

1.      Shaping a vision of academic achievement and student success for all students

2.      Creating a climate hospitable to education

3.      Cultivating leadership in others

4.      Improving instruction

5.      Managing people, data and processes

The R.E.A.L. Cohorts are made up of:

A.S.P.I.R.E.: Additional Support for Professionals Inspired to Reach Excellence (Aspiring to become Assistant Principals)

L.E.A.D.: Leadership Enhancement And Development (Aspiring to become Principals)

M.O.D.E.L.: Making Opportunities to Develop Educators in Leadership (Induction Level Leaders)

D.R.I.V.E.: Developing and Retaining Individuals with Vision and Effectiveness (Principals)

V.A.L.U.E.: Vision And Leadership Utilizing Experts (effective Leadership Coaches working with Induction Level Administrators)

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Characteristics of a High Performing Rockdale County Schools Administrator

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