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Modern Languages

Parents may recall when Spanish, French, German, or Latin classes were called "foreign language" courses. However, any human language that is currently in use is now termed "modern language" by Georgia's Department of Education, though the term "world language" is used by some. Languages such as Latin or ancient Greek are classified as "classical languages", and are studied more for cultural or linguistic value.

The purpose of modern language courses in Rockdale County Public Schools (RCPS) is to equip students with the skills to listen, speak, read, write, and present in that language. Students also learn about the culture of the countries in which the language is the native tongue. Though some students may view modern languages as a necessity for pursuing a college education, our students recognize that bilingual or multilingual skills can translate into career opportunities.

RCPS currently offers Spanish and French, course level I-V at three high schools: Heritage, Rockdale, and Salem.

Opportunities also exist for eighth grade middle school students to select Carnegie courses in Spanish.

Contact Information

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Dr. Sha'Ronda McRae   Coordinator of English Language Arts and World Languages 770-918-6180 

Modern Language Standards

pdf Modern Languages Level I
pdf Modern Languages Level II
pdf Modern Languages Level III
pdf Modern Languages Level IV
pdf Modern Languages Level V


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