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Rockdale County Media Specialists

Roles, Responsibilities and Sample Tasks

     I.        Role One
Provides instructional leadership in the use of information resources and literature.

A.   Responsibilities

1)    Plans collaboratively with teachers to integrate literature, resources and information literacy skill into the curriculum.
     a.    Utilizes an appropriate record of planning.
     b.    Promotes literature and reading.
     c.    Assists with instruction and evaluation of collaboratively planned units.
     d.    Assists teachers in the selection and utilization of appropriate resources, technologies, and general literature.
     e.    Recommends strategies for the integration of all resources into instruction.
2)    Develops and provides instructional opportunities with information technologies for staff and students.
     a.    Assists students and staff in the access and utilization of resources and technologies.
     b.    Provides orientation for students and staff development sessions as needed.
     c.    Promotes awareness of outside resources such as public and college libraries, online services, and community resources.
3)    Provides information about and complies with copyright laws.
     a.    Disseminates current copyright information to staff and students as appropriate.
     b.    Seeks outside consultation for clarity on copyright matters when necessary.

4)    Collaborates with teachers and students on material production.
     a.    Assists students and staff with production activities.
     b.    Provides instruction in production techniques using a variety of formats. 
  II.        Role Two
Develops, administers and manages programs and facilities for the use of information resources and technologies.
B.   Responsibilities

1)    Develops, evaluates, and revises policies, procedures, and services of the program/center.
     a.    Sets short and long term goals for the media program/center.
     b.    Seeks input from and informs students, staff and community about the media center, its resource, services and program.
     c.    Maintains and uses statistical reports.
     d.    Coordinates the procedures for challenged materials.
2)    Provides leadership in collaborative planning for school technology, resources, and needs.
     a.    Coordinates and serves as chairperson of the school media committee.
     b.    Serves as a permanent member of the school technology committee.
     c.    Assists in identifying resources that support the curriculum.
3)    Administers and maintains a center and program that fosters a positive learning environment.
     a.    Maintains a flexible, accessible schedule.
     b.    Supervises student behavior in the Media Center with help of teachers.
4)    Ensures effective organization of center and resources.
     a.    Maintains the Media Center database in accordance with professional standards.
     b.    Catalogs and processes materials.
     c.    Maintains the Media Center network, including effective circulation and retrieval systems.
     d.    Promotes the appropriate use of online resources such as the Internet.
     e.    Monitors Acceptable Use Policy within the Media Center.
     f.     Facilitates distance learning resources by managing satellite and cable reception and disseminating information regarding educational programming.
     g.    Inspects, maintains and weeds all Media Center resources.
5)    Selects and orders resources consistent with system policies and with school curriculum needs.
     a.    Analyzes the Media Center Collection based on curriculum and instructional needs.
     b.    Seeks input for collection development and uses appropriate selection tools.
     c.    Maintains a consideration file for future purchases.
     d.    Prepares purchase orders according to administrative guidelines
     e.    Monitors the Media Center budget.
     f.     Provides assistance with software and hardware evaluation and acquisition by serving on school and system-wide committees and consulting with appropriate vendors.

6)    Provides supervision and leadership for staff including clerical, paraprofessional, and technical.
     a.    Assists with interviews and evaluation.
     b.    Ensures proper training.
     c.    Provides daily supervision and guidance.