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Social Studies
Hands on the past

The Social Studies curriculum in Rockdale County Public Schools is designed to integrate instruction of the social studies disciplines including history, geography, civics/government, economics, and sociology through effective teaching practices and active learning experiences. The primary purpose of social studies is to help students develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions as a participatory citizen in a culturally diverse, democratic society and interdependent world. Based on the belief of the worth and dignity of each individual, the program provides an environment for the examination of issues in an atmosphere of mutual respect and self-worth.


Content Focus


Symbols of America


American Heroes


Georgia, My State


United States History American Indian Cultures through Colonization


United States History Revolution to Reconstruction


United States History Industrialization to the Digital Age


Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada, Europe, and Australia


Africa, Southwest Asia (Middle East), Southern and Eastern Asia


Georgia Studies


American Government


World History


United States History


Personal Finance and Economics



Current Issues ,Psychology, Sociology, World Geography, Ethnic Studies and other State approved courses



The goal of social studies in RCPS is to empower students with the ability to be lifelong learners who:

 -enable themselves and others to achieve academic and personal excellence.
 -respect themselves and all members of our global society.
 -apply knowledge and relevance to understand how events of the past and present impact the development of our future.
 -recognize their responsibilities as an active citizen in a democratic society and the global community.
 -effectively become individual mechanisms for change.
 -engage in, promote, and recognize active awareness of how history affects our daily lives.


We believe that:

- involvement of all stakeholders imparts skills and knowledge necessary for effective citizenship in a democracy.
- parental involvement improves student success.
- diversity promotes a global perspective in understanding the differences, commonalities, tolerance, and acceptance of all.
- students excel through innovative uses of technology.
- creativity supports critical thinking beyond the classroom.
- students are empowered by taking ownership in their education, becoming lifelong learners.
- social studies content surrounds students' daily lives.
- social studies is an in-depth study of content, not merely covering facts and trivia.
- effective instruction incorporates a variety of rich resources.
- hands-on and field experiences assist with making connections.
- social studies is a gateway to all we have been, what we are now, and what we could be!

Social Studies Shifts:

As the demand to better prepare students for college and career readiness has increased, the structure and function of the Social Studies classroom has changed.  Student knowledge should expand beyond the memorization of facts.  At least once per unit, all students should:
  -Analyze visual and written text
  -Work in cooperative learning groups
  -Utilize academic vocabulary by reading increasingly complex texts
  -Be guided in argumentation
  -Be able to craft historical arguments from historical evidence
  -Write purposefully
  -Use chronological and/or process reasoning
  -Demonstrate thematic understanding
  -Use technology (research, creation, discussion, new programs)

Contact Information:

Virnilisa Printup - Social Studies Coordinator
Dr. Lisa Hockaday- Social Studies Coach( Elementary)
Dr. Wisteria Williams- Social Studies Coach (Secondary)




Georgia Standards of Excellence - Social Studies
Georgia Council for the Social Studies
Georgia Council on Economic Education
Georgia Humanities Council
National Council for the Social Studies