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Professional School Counseling Program

​The mission of the Rockdale County Public Schools' (RCPS) counseling program is to provide comprehensive developmental services supporting the academic, career, personal/social growth of all students so that they will make positive contributions to society, apply learning to life, and excel based on personal abilities.

For contact information of individual school counselors, go to the directory page of the school's website. For a list of school websites, go to

RCPS Counselors' Statement of Beliefs

  1. All students can achieve at their individual level with support.
  2. We perceive each student holistically and design/implement programs to meet those individual needs.
  3. The program provides the framework that supports the academic, career, and social development for all students.
  4. Our program aligns with the system's mission reflecting a proactive approach in assisting students in overcoming barriers to learning.
  5. School counselors are advocates for ongoing reform in education.
  6. By working collaboratively with parents, teachers, and community agencies, we are stakeholders in student success.

RCPS Counselors' Philosophical Statements

  1. All students can achieve, have value, and have the right to participate in the counseling program.
  2. All student needs (including but not limited to ethnic, cultural, racial and sexual differences, and special needs) are embraced in planning and implementing the school counseling program.
  3. The RCPS school counseling program supports the specific academic, career, and personal/social goals and developmental competencies outlined in the American School Counselor Association's model program guide.
  4. The RCPS school counseling program will be designed to advocate for every student in coordination with parents, other school representatives, and the community.
  5. The RCPS school counseling program will use goals, developmental student competencies, and data to drive program development and evaluation from pre-K through 12th grade.

College Assistance from Georgia's HOPE Program

Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally (HOPE) is a program funded by the Georgia Lottery. Georgia residents enrolling in a certificate or diploma program at a Georgia public college, university, or technical college may be eligible for the HOPE Grant regardless of high school graduation dates or grade point averages. The HOPE Grant covers tuition, HOPE-approved mandatory fees, and a book allowance.


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